GPS Navigation (Sat Nav) App Bewertungen

Very happy

Great gps app and it doesnt use data

Great app

Usable and useful

Supwrior navigation!

I'm blown away by the bad review I just and read wondering what software that person used. For me, this app performed as well as dedicated GPS units that cost a hundred times more! I disobeyed instructions and it compensated instantly. It warned me twice that a turn was coming up. This navigator is A STEAL at 99 cents!

Do Not buy this app

This app does not work and it does absolutely nothing. Waste of money and a scam.

Don't waste your time

Absolutely awful! This app advertises as working offline, I downloaded a map and set navigation while online, but it would not update offline as I traveled! I was lost in the dark at 5am in the morning, very frustrating.

Good software for th eprice

The app itself is well designed and implemented. The maps are out of date at places. The app needs an option allowing to pause navigation.


I use it all the time in Europe. No need for internet connection.

Es buena

Es muy buena pero en mi iPhone 6s Plus se me cierra al momento de abrirlo y tengo que abrir una vea más para que funcione y de lo de más bien pero creo que deberían actualizar la versión se está quedando y el iOS nuevo como que da problemas


***THIS APP HASNT BEEN UPDATD SINCE 9/15, LOOKS LIKE THE DEVS ABANDONED SHIP*** THE FOLLOWING WAS MY ORIGINAL REVIEW 2 YEARS AGO. SINCE THEN GOOGLE MAPS HAS TAKEN OVER AS KING WITH APPLE A CLOSE 2ND. I never, ever write reviews because if you're like me you never, ever read them. However, I found it necessary to write a review about this app for the following reason. I've been testing a few navigation apps (6 to be exact) for about 6 months now. I drive about 100 miles every day so I've have the time and patience to test several GPS apps extensively. If you want to know the list here it is...1. Google Maps, 2. Waze, 3. Scout, 4. Motion X, 5. Apple Maps, 6. This Nav app. I'll tell you right off the bat to discard Apple Maps, it's the worst of the bunch. I used each app for exactly 1 month and then I switched to the other. I never used a different one during the month long test because I wanted to give it real world testing and not cheat by switching to another one mid-navigation. I chose 10 categories to grade each one but I won't bore you with specifics. Each Navigation app has differences that make it good but the best all around came down to 3 apps. Waze, Google Maps, and this one. I chose this one as the winner for a few reasons. The most important is for the obvious reason we all use navigation apps. To get from A to B in the least amount of time, and with the best route always being presented. That's what I got with this app. Don't get me wrong, both Waze and GMaps (which are now the same company) are great at routing but I don't like all the distractions on Waze, and if no one reports any activity in Waze the other users won't know about it. The re-routing was ok, not great, it took me on a lot of side street chases. Plus I don't like the cartoonish feel. GMaps had up-to-date maps but I didn't like the fact that you had to be constantly checking the screen to see if the next major turn was slower or faster so I could take it. The street views where outdated, and it never came back from landscape mode if you held your phone sideways. Finally, I left this app for last. I did buy the RPT traffic for $10 since it promised a much better routing experience. The menus could be a little cleaner and less cluttered and I don't really like the fact that I asks you to rate the app almost after every drive. As far as routing, this is hands down the best of all 6 apps. I never deviated from the presented route and on several occasion I found myself on a side streets zipping by huge freeway backups. I was always rerouted if a better route was found and traffic would update about every 5 minutes so it was always up to date. In closing, I still continue to switch between Waze and this only because I like the fact that Waze tells you where the cops are. If they incorporated that feature into the next update on this app I'd kick Waze to the curb. Well that's it, hope I helped someone make an informed decision!

Changes not incorporated

The map is awfully out of date. Submitted changes are never incorporated. Does not know one-ways, or streets that exist already for years. Often it instructs to keep to the wrong side. Not great, but will work without internet connection if destination pre-programmed ahead of time.

Great app

Great app


I wanted to find a GPS app to use in the U.S. that didn't require the use of data and tried this one. It's fantastic! I tried it a few times here in Europe before leaving and it worked perfectly. And in the US, in four different states, in several cities and in the countryside it also worked perfectly! What a life saver. Using a data connection would have cost me a lot of money, but with this app I didn't need to. Thank you!!

Please make Persian font better

Please make Persian font better

Best app

Love the free drive mode. Works great

Very bad battery usage...Speach feature broken...

While I find it works well, it drains the battery even when not showing in the app switcher. I've just tried denying it location services to see if that stops the battery drain when not in use. The configuration seems to support it being a little better in terms of battery usage, it still keeps using location services in background. Ending the app is the safest way. Now the spoken directions have stopped working. A couple of directions are spoken, then silence.


Great use often

Lack of updates

Well over a year since updated....

GPS app with favorites

I needed a GPS app that let me save favorites and this app does it! Great price too!

Cool app

Thank you for this app it's been very helpful as I travel across the country.

Needs better search input method

Good app! Would give it 5 stars if you didn't have to toggle from field to field to input for address searches.

Downloaded while on an Amtrak Trip

Needed to see where we were. This App showed us the Rail Tracks, kept track of our progress, etc. Great for the money!


GPS navigacija koja radi, najviše mi se sviđa jer ima opciju biciklo koji vozim kao lud u poslednje vreme.


Love this app!! I depend on it for all my adventures work & otherwise. Doesn't mean that there isn't occasionally a misguided path (all the more reason to still know how to navigate independently of ANY GPS) but so far has always got me where I'm going.

My favorite navigation software

This is my go-to software for general street navigation. It has some flaws though. The most glaring flaw is that it still does not show the street where I live. I have lived here for nearly three years and the street was here for some additional length of time before my home was built in January of 2014. Is that the only needle in this haystack? Not likely. So there are surely a lot of other roads built in the past three years that are not shown on the maps. The maps seriously need an update.

Great offline

Offline Map of Pattaya, Thailand, seems good



Love this app!

Very accurate mapping.


Do not get this app! I am a new driver and I put in the address to my grandparents and it took me onto the highway. It should have just taken me through town. I have never been on the highway before (I am 19) and I panicked and I got in a car accident on the highway going like 70. I almost died. Please DO NOT get this app. It rerouted me to go to Phoenix when I live in Tucson!

Works well in a pinch

I use this app offline on iPhone. Set navigation with free wifi at McDonald's. Almost as easy to use as a std gps device. Easy to see maps, easy to understand directions and reasonably accurate. Since it was free I forgive any outdated directions. Never gotten lost.

Very helpful!

I used this app just yesterday as I drove thru unfamiliar terrain, and it got me exactly where I needed to be with no problem!


While I was going to school with this GPS, it was giving me the wrong location. Maybe this gps isn't compatible with the location. Also it was giving me the wrong route. This app is so junky and to the trash it goes!

Great app

Works better than apples maps.


I downloaded this for a trip to Germany. Now that I am here, I can't even get my current location to show because it tells me I have to enable my location Service. It is and has been on. Tried rebooting, wifi on/off, different locations throughout the country and everything else I could think of. No joy. Downloaded the free country map for Germany too but that's no good if it doesn't know where to start

This APP is awesome.

It's been very helpful each day.


I'll tell you after I get to use it

Great bargain

This was one of the best apps I got for my PAD! Easy to get directions and easy to follow.

Maping not good; hard to use

Making in NE USA bad. Difficult and inflexible to use. Awkward to stop GPS. Apple or Google maps better. A plus is giving speed limit on road. Cheap but not worth the cost.

Very dicent for the money.

Excelent price, pretty good navigation, excelent menu structure with confusing and non-intuitive interface. Navigation is quite accurate, on par with TomTom and Google, but display can use some improvements, such as "Lane display" at exits and major road intersections. Better GUI won't hurt either. When I tried to add "Favorite" destination first time, took me 6-7 attempts to find out the last step is "map" button. Couldn't they just say "save" or "add"??? But overall a very nice product, and you can't ask for more for 20 dollars.

Terrible app!

These maps are wrong. The street where I live is mis-labeled as a different street, and that makes the whole navigation useless. Awful!

Worth supporting

This is a solid app that does a lot for free. Battery drain can be an issue, but a car charger is probably something most phone users already have, problem solved. More like a traditional gps unit than google maps, thank you!

Excellent GPS

I only put this on my iPhone last week, but I really like it. It has a lot of features that the last two I had didn't have...

Great nav

This navigation is great. Especially when you don't have Internet


I was dreaming of this app. I'm so happy that it actually exists. Such a beautiful and refined interface bringing crowd sourced reliable data to my offline device! I am able to get directions to any country in the world, search addresses, pois and more. This will be a lifesaver in my car trip to South America. Thank you!

Do not depend on this aweful app!

The app is marketed as not requiring a data plan for GPS function. BS! You require either a data or WI-FI signal to do a new navigation. Also be prepared for the app to constantly lose your saved settings such as navigation fastest route! Be prepared to spend 5 minutes reconfiguring the messed up settings before using the app! Good thing it is low cost. Well now I have to find a replacement GPS with voice navigation that truly does not DEPEND on wi-fi or data. Avoid this app! Crap!

Great app

I live in this app! It's awesome!

Not for iPod

If you have an iPod, don't waste your money on this. I researched after purchasing and discovered that the iPod doesn't have a gps chip in it. All the "offline gps" stuff sounds amazing but you can't connect to a satellite. Smh I want a refund


This app is not what I'm used too. Not very intuitive. Couldn't figure out how to show ETA, as the vehicle indicator advanced past the top of the page the map wouldn't update, and I couldn't get the sound/voice to work. Not worth my money or time. Scout Maps is still the best navigation app out there.

Great App. and Travel Companion

Highly recommended! This app. works in perfect harmony with You have to understand how OSM works to fully take advantage of the benefits of this App. I love the fact that it pulls data from your and/or already customized POIs set in OSM, flawlessly. Now I travel light (with only my iPhone) and navigate all over Africa and other remote parts of the world where cellular signals or cell site data is non-existent.

Not friendly

Not a friendly app


Thanks for you

#1 App in this category

This app is the best ever in this category & I have tried them all,with this app I stopped looking.5 star 👍🏾

Great GPS app for international travel

As a data free program this is a great app for those have to travel internationally. However, there are still features that this program lacks. I would love to see a better search function to find restaurants stores ATMs and other features like that. If added, this will be a priceless tool for travelers

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