GPS Navigation (Sat Nav) App Reviews

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Works great, easy to use



Do not get this app! I am a new driver and I put in the address to my grandparents and it took me onto the highway. It should have just taken me through town. I have never been on the highway before (I am 19) and I panicked and I got in a car accident on the highway going like 70. I almost died. Please DO NOT get this app. It rerouted me to go to Phoenix when I live in Tucson!

Works well in a pinch

I use this app offline on iPhone. Set navigation with free wifi at McDonalds. Almost as easy to use as a std gps device. Easy to see maps, easy to understand directions and reasonably accurate. Since it was free I forgive any outdated directions. Never gotten lost.


This app just says "Waiting for GPS signal...". Never did me anything. Me want $$ back :(

Very helpful!

I used this app just yesterday as I drove thru unfamiliar terrain, and it got me exactly where I needed to be with no problem!


While I was going to school with this GPS, it was giving me the wrong location. Maybe this gps isnt compatible with the location. Also it was giving me the wrong route. This app is so junky and to the trash it goes!


I downloaded this for a trip to Germany. Now that I am here, I cant even get my current location to show because it tells me I have to enable my location Service. It is and has been on. Tried rebooting, wifi on/off, different locations throughout the country and everything else I could think of. No joy. Downloaded the free country map for Germany too but thats no good if it doesnt know where to start

Super useful

Online maps are excellent. Offline maps need to upgrade as online one.

This APP is awesome.

Its been very helpful each day.

Very bad battery usage...

While I find it works well, it drains the battery even when not showing in the app switcher. Ive just tried denying it location services to see if that stops the battery drain when not in use.

Great bargain

This was one of the best apps I got for my PAD! Easy to get directions and easy to follow.

Maping not good; hard to use

Making in NE USA bad. Difficult and inflexible to use. Awkward to stop GPS. Apple or Google maps better. A plus is giving speed limit on road. Cheap but not worth the cost.

Very dicent for the money.

Excelent price, pretty good navigation, excelent menu structure with confusing and non-intuitive interface. Navigation is quite accurate, on par with TomTom and Google, but display can use some improvements, such as "Lane display" at exits and major road intersections. Better GUI wont hurt either. When I tried to add "Favorite" destination first time, took me 6-7 attempts to find out the last step is "map" button. Couldnt they just say "save" or "add"??? But overall a very nice product, and you cant ask for more for 20 dollars.

I like it

Just used this app in Europe its ok it does need some improvements

Great app.

Love the app. But Ive had it crash a few times.

Terrible app!

These maps are wrong. The street where I live is mis-labeled as a different street, and that makes the whole navigation useless. Awful!

Worth supporting

This is a solid app that does a lot for free. Battery drain can be an issue, but a car charger is probably something most phone users already have, problem solved. More like a traditional gps unit than google maps, thank you!

Excellent GPS

I only put this on my iPhone last week, but I really like it. It has a lot of features that the last two I had didnt have...

Great nav

This navigation is great. Especially when you dont have Internet


I was dreaming of this app. Im so happy that it actually exists. Such a beautiful and refined interface bringing crowd sourced reliable data to my offline device! I am able to get directions to any country in the world, search addresses, pois and more. This will be a lifesaver in my car trip to South America. Thank you!

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